So glad that I have Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

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There are many pet insurance companies out there, but I found Healthy Paws easy to understand and that is why I chose them. Having just recovered from surgery myself, we have many bills to pay. Mr. Lincoln, our Greyhound, developed a leak and infection in one of his salivary glands. The gland had to be surgically removed and the surgery was done by a specialty vet. My husband and I knew it would be an expensive surgery. I filed the claim form directly online. It was all so easy. We received emails from Healthy Paws when everything was received; when the claim was being processed; and when the check was cut. The money sure helped our finances at this time. We also felt that everyone was so kind in asking us about Mr. Lincoln's condition. Luckily Mr. Lincoln is doing fine and we learned that a dog can live well with just 7 of his 8 salivary glands. Thank you again Healthy Paws Pet Insurance.

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surgery on salivary gland
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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