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I purchased Healthy Paws insurance for my dog based on representations made by company agents and good reviews relating to coverage. I wanted to avoid an insurer who arbitrarily denied coverage. Unfortunately, we have had a negative experience with Healthy Paws. Healthy Paws has taken the position that any time our dog experiences diarrhea, which is not the result of any preexisting condition, Healthy Paws has no obligation to provide coverage. This position contradicts what the representative told me on the phone prior to purchasing the policy and the language of the policy. I attempted to resolve this issue with Healthy Paws prior to posting this review, but it has refused to provide coverage.

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Posted: 09/15/2016

Like the reviewer above, I'm a victim of Healthy Paws deceptive sales practices. I've lost hundreds of dollars in premiums.
Normal things that happen to your pet as well as normal exams, vaccinations, etc. are NOT covered by healthy paws.

Buyer Beware!!!

Posted: 03/27/2015

I don't know how old this dog is, but if it was a puppy then it is to be expected that it may have diarrhea many times within 9 months! My dog was 11 months when I adopted her, and she had diarrhea at least 4 times within the first year due to her tendency to find fascinating things to eat: a raisin-filled scone a visitor left on her chair,a large piece of onion left on the ground by the trash collectors(yes, she was on a leash, but I had looked away for a minute),a rodent nest that was buried at least 8 inches under the snow! I signed up for pet insurance because of this - and of course, in the year since, we have had no more problems with eating things! It was a puppy thing.Certainly not a "pre-existing condition"!

Posted: 09/24/2014

All of our claims processing is based on the medical records provided by you or your veterinarian. Unfortunately, Bentley had a history of recurrent and intermittent diarrhea prior to your enrollment. His was not the case of diarrhea happening one time prior to enrollment and then having diarrhea again 6 months after enrollment. In Bentley's case, he was treated 5 times in the 9 months since you adopted him prior to your enrollment.

As we have said in previous responses, we're never happy when we have to deny a claim for one of our clients. We're glad that you and Bentley are still part of the Healthy Paws family. Give Bentley a big hug for us!

The Healthy Paws Team