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PetPlan is my 3rd pet insurance for my 14 year old CHocolate Lab,Lizzy, and by far the best. Never any hassles or problems- they just pay. The latest incidence with Lizzy started 4 weeks ago on a Sunday. She started throwing up and was clearly uncomfortable. She kept throwing up throughout the day. Finally in the late afternoon I took her to the emergency Pet hospital (Bay Area Veterinary Specialist- in San Leandro, CA- great by the way) and turns out she had a blocked bowel and need emergency surgery on a Sunday night!I knew it was going to be expensive but confident with PetPlan I would be ok. I'm happy to say Lizzy is doing great and I have already been reimbursed by PetPlan! And they called to see how Lizzy was doing.

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blocked bowel
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Over $1000

Labrador Retriever

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Over 8 years

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