Surgical removal of 4 cysts

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After subscribing to PetPlan for seven years, i submitted my first claim for a surgical procedure needed to remove four cysts from my seven year old Golden Retriever, Cassie. The largest cyst was underneath her tail near her body. She showed no signs of ill health, but when the cyst under her tail ruptured, my vet advised removing that one cyst plus three more that were growing. Fortunately lab results came back with reports that all four cysts were benign! My Golden's surgery required her to go under anthesia, with numerous sutures and follow-up care for two weeks wearing a cone collar and being restricted to a lead for going outside. A couple days before Cassie's surgery I phoned PetPlan to inquire about filing a claim for Cassie's expensive veterinary medical costs totaling close to $1300.00. The agent I spoke to was extremely helpful and courteous. She emailed me all forms needed, with clear instructions to follow. I had the forms ready to hand over to my vet the day of surgery, and all paperwork was faxed to PetPlan the same day as Cassie's surgery. I received an email within hours of the forms being faxed stating all forms had been received and was given an estimate of 10-15 days for my claim to be reviewed and processed. All of Cassie's medical costs were covered except for my $200.00 deductible!! I was so grateful to have such excellent medical insurance coverage for my dog at this time in my life since I am a widow of five months trying to manage my living

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