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I adopted a 50-pound Shepherd mix from a rescue foundation about one and a half years ago. I named him Sano because it means a "healthy boy" in Italian. When I brought my dog for the initial check-up after adoption, the vet told me that my dog would be healthy because he shouldn't have the genetic diseases in some of the known breed dogs. I was hesitated to get pet insurance because of the vet's comment but fortunately, I made the right decision to be a customer of Healthy Paws in August 2013.
About 3 months ago in early March 2014, Sano was playing and running with me on a baseball field like usual. Suddenly, his back right leg was limping. He left his leg up and would not touch the ground with it for over a day. He also looked in pain. Guess what, he torn his CCL! After doing some researches, I opt for the TPLO surgery. In the Bay Area, there is really no "cost effective" orthopedic surgeon. UC Davis is very well known for its relatively lower price and good services but it could take over 2 months to be on the waiting list. Sano was in pain so I didn't want to wait. I brought him to a prestigious orthopedic surgeon for a check-up and consultation. Well, prestigious = costly! The estimated cost of the TPLO surgery with following checkups was $6000. I wondered if my pet insurance would cover all the costs. Since I have stable income, I didn't wait but scheduled the TPLO surgery in within a week. I called Healthy Paws the same day asking them if there was a list of "certif

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Orthopedic / TPLO
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