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My husband and I decided to get pet insurance for both of our Yorkshire Terriers, 9 years and 3 years old, about 6 months ago just to have as a back-up, especially with one dog being almost 10 years old. I did extensive searches on pet insurance and wanted to make sure I chose the best plan where breed-specific illnesses and injuries were covered, as well as the best competitive price. I also asked around family and friends to see what insurance they recommended and compared pricing. I chose Trupanion because I felt the coverage was the best for what we wanted to spend; they also had broad coverage no matter what the age of our dogs and were happy to answer all of my questions over the phone before registering. About a month ago, we could not believe it when our oldest Yorkie, Harley, was admitted to the emergency vet hospital a week before his 10th birthday and diagnosed with severe acute necrotizing pancreatitis. Yes, it is as bad as it sounds. He’s an extremely healthy dog and this came out of nowhere. We were able to transfer him from one emergency place to the best one in the area with the best care for such a severe case, including ultra sound, countless antibiotics and pain meds, and plasma treatments. We couldn’t believe that he could potentially be in the hospital overnight for up to a week or more and we knew the vet bills would start to pile up quickly. The first 4 days or so were touch and go for my poor baby and it was the worst week of waiting. However

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Acute Pancreatitis
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Over $1000

Yorkshire Terrier

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Over 8 years

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