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I have been with PetPlan for several years, but will not be renewing with my next cycle. I have a golden retriever active in the hunt test competition world, and as such, has an occasional injury that requires treatment and a claim. PetPlan fights me at every turn...they lose documents, request repeated submissions of paperwork, then they deny payment on what is clearly a continuation of an existing claim. However, there single worst attribute is the fact that each incident requires a deductible...one of the reasons they LOVE to deny continuing claims. If you have the need for occasional claims like we do, look elsewhere for your coverage. Oh and not to mention they say they will cover "alternative therapy"...good luck with that one because they only cover it if it takes place in a veterinary clinic, and it is now very common for canine physical therapy to take place in your home!!!

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Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Golden Retriever

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 06/05/2014

I disagree with the above comment. Yes there is a deductible on every claim but you choose that when you enroll your pet and the price of the policy is based on how high (or low) a deductible one chooses - hence a higher deductible is a cheaper policy. If your claims are small and your deductible is high then it might not be worth it for you... I personally have a fairly low deductible and depend on my insurance for catastrophic things as it is/was for some human insurances (pre Obama care for somewith high deductibles) and I believe that that is how we should approach pet insurance- not to cover the minor things and not expect coverage for the out of the ordinary things like acupuncture (like most human insurances). I have never had any issues with petplan and have to disagree with this review.