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While petting Brewster I found a lump on his paw and neck. The vet did a smear test. The test results indicated cancer cells for the lump on his paw and inflammation on his neck. Both lumps needed to removed and biopsied. I called Healthy Paws since I never submitted a claim prior. They were very supportive, reassuring and knowledgeable about Brewster’s coverage. I submitted two claims one for the smear test on the other for the blood work (needed for surgery). I expected these claims to take a long time to process since Brewster is 7 and Healthy Paws needed to review his medical history. I was pleasantly surprised to see the claims were processed within a week and check was received shortly after. The next claim was for his surgery, they processed the claim the day I submitted it. A check was received about two days later. I also received a follow up email from Healthy Paws just to see how Brewster was feeling and wishing him well. I am so happy that I choose Healthy Paws. I could not ask for better service.
The process to submit claims is very easy; claims can be emailed, uploaded or mailed. Forms can be downloaded from their website. The EOB's provided are very easy to understand. The coverage was exaclty what I understood it to be and hassel free.

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Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Shepherd Mix

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 06/05/2014

Waiting 3 years for a claim is just stupid and short-sighted. You should of researched it before you left.