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I am the proud pet parent of two dogs: a Chihuahua named Bella and Chihuahua/Italian Greyhound mix named Beau. I purchased Healthy Paws insurance for them back in November 2010. Until recently, I was fortunate enough never to have needed the insurance but paid my monthly premiums religiously just in case. About a month ago, Beau began vomiting, stopped eating, and became extremely jaundiced and lethargic. Being a nurse, I knew how serious it was and took him to an emergency animal hospital. He ended up needing to be hospitalized for about a week for cholangiohepatitis. He required intravenous fluids and medications as well as multiple blood tests. There were times that I didn't think he wasn't going to make it but knew that, because I had Healthy Paws insurance, I could afford to do whatever was necessary to save his life. Thankfully, Beau got better and is back to his normal, energetic self. The whole ordeal cost about $7,500, which would have definitely caused a financial hardship had I not had insurance. Healthy Paws not only mailed out my reimbursement checks within a week of my claims being submitted online, but they also e-mailed me to just check and see how Beau was doing. The best thing about Healthy Paws is that they have unlimited benefits!
If you love your pets and consider them part of the family like I do, please consider purchasing Healthy Paws insurance for them. Hopefully, you will never need it, but trust me, you will be thankful if you ever do.

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