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My 5 year old rottie has been through so much in her life that without pet insurance I would probably have gone broke by now. I didn't always have ASPCA Pet Health Insurance but I'm glad I switched. They have lower premiums, better refunds, and they cover hereditary issues for a reasonable price. Currently my rottie is undergoing therapy for a failed TPLO and I've had to pay over $7,000 already and have gotten just about $5,500 worth of it back and am still waiting on my next refund. They are always calling to check on my pets and I love that they send out little handwritten cards to say thank you, or to wish my animals well. I'm always an advocate for helping animals and though I know this insurance company isn't exactly the ASPCA it still makes me feel better knowing that I always have someone standing beside me when my animals are in need of care.

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Ruptured cruciate ligament
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1 - 8

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