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TruPanion has been great! They showed genuine concern about our dog Bella and were very prompt in providing information on the coverage and the pay-out (within one week). When we bought the insurance our pups were only 2 years old and we figured spreading the cost of vet bills over the period of a year would be better, then taking a big hit financially if something happened. Our dogs had gotten into a little scrape now and then (as puppies do…) and we had already gone through a bout of major vet bills due to digestive tract issues for one of them. Plus with mini-dachshunds you have to worry about hereditary back and hip injuries, which TruPanion covers.
Little did we know we would need the insurance so quickly (at age 4). Our stronger dog appeared to have hurt her back some how late one afternoon. We did not witness what happened and she acted normal until later that night when she was not able to push off to jump up. The next morning she was still able to walk, although a little stiff. After a vet visit and medicine that morning from the vet, she was confined to her crate for 2-4 weeks to let any kind of inflammation settle down. But unfortunately by that evening it had deteriorated. She was in a lot of pain and completely unable to walk. She actually appeared paralyzed from the waist down. The next morning she met with a neurologist. With the help of an MRI it was clear she had 2 herniated discs in the middle of her back, which were pushing on her spinal cord. That even

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herniated discs
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Over $1000

Miniature Dachshund

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1 - 8

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