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I have had 3 Great Dane X Black Labs and 2 cats covered since late 2005. I have experienced consistent, quality service with every claim over my 9 year histoy with TRUPANION. (Initially Vetinsurance). Paying Pet Insurance monthly premiums has proven to be a cost effective way for me to ensure my pets get the best care possible. It is the only way I have been able to afford costly veterinary care for them.
Outstanding service and support for costly ACL surgery for my first dog Bobby. They sent me a sympathy card when he passed away. My current 18 month old Great Dane X Black Lab, Oscar, started having grand mal seizures 5 weeks ago. I had to take Oscar three times to London's Emergency Vet Hospital. Trupanion paid the Vet Hospital directly through Claims Express as I didn't have the money to cover these costly bills. What a godsend that was. This week I had to take Oscar for an emergency admission to the Neuro ICU at the Guelph Veterinary College. I am 100% satisfied with Trupanion's service and support when I had to call them in the early hours of the morning not knowing how to proceed. The person I spoke to was compassionate and calm which helped a great deal. She explained what I needed to do and faxed the Claim form with Oscar's name and Policy number on it to the Hospital within minutes of the phonecall ending. Trupanion has processed all of these claims quickly and payments were made within the week. Today the costly medication bill was processed and approved withi

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