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I've used VPI and Embrace with previous pets. I had great service with Embrace (not so great service with VPI!). When it came time to insure my new Boerboel puppy I was going to quickly run back to embrace, but my employer offered a reduced rate with trupanion, who I knew nothing about. Instead the reviews and decided it was worth a shot. Glad I did! Same great service as Embrace, and they cover everything at 90%! I really like the pre-authorization that guarantees coverage before I dish out the money. I remember the days on VPI when I'd have to wait 2-3 months with my fingers crossed and hope they'd at least give me back half the money. This was a revelation. Less than a week after surgery I had the money in the bank. Amazing.

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Juvenile pubic symphysiodesis for prevention of arthritis associated with hip laxity.
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