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Before we got our first dog we heard horror stories about huge vet bills to cover surgeries for dog bites, ingested toys and sprained joints. We decided to get health insurance after our dog got bitten the second time and needed emergency surgery which cost a fortune. We didn’t regret it for a second. Though, people warned us about insurance companies, we had only the best experience with Healthy Paws. When my second dog got severe diarrhea this January and we had to visit the vet over and over again, they covered our bills with no hassle. Since the treatments were not effective for over two month, we eventually had to have an ultrasound done to get a better diagnosis. Again, the bills were paid with no problem. Filing a claim is simple via email, the claim is approved within 24h and the check arrives by mail in a week or so. Moreover, HealthyPaws always send a nice email to see how our babies are doing. Since we had the diagnosis (inflammatory bowel disease) and we have targeted treatment, our dog is doing much better. He haven’t had diarrhea for over 2 weeks now, and he is back to his happy himself. It’s a relief to know that we don’t have to hesitate to get the best health care for our dogs due to the vet bills. Health Insurance is definitely an investment but you are happy to have it when you need it!

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autoimmune disease
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Age of Pet
Under a year

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