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My Standard Poodle George suddenly became very ill. He started throwing up and in two days also developed diarrhea. I attributed the regurgitation vigorous playing to the heat of Texas summer that is coming on and started feeding him later in the day and earlier in the morning. Once the pooping issues started I knew something more was going on. After pumpkin as a home remedy did not affect either symptom I made a late night trip to the critical care unit of our local vet specialty hospital. George was admitted immediately and was put on IV fluids. Blood was drawn, urine was taken and a fecal analysis was ordered.
It was the holiday weekend (of course!) so the lab results came in slowly. The possibility of an obstruction was considered since things were coming out both ends... they ordered x-rays of his chest and his belly, not much was seen so an ultrasound was ordered. Nothing was there except for lots of fluid in his stomach. (thank God he did not need surgery!)

FINALLY after a few days in the hospital the fecal came back. It was Giardia!! Now we knew what to do! George was treated with the appropriate medications and after a couple more days of fluids and IV medication he was released to come home. He is still on medication to get him well (2 weeks) and is feeling much better.

I can not describe the feeling I had when the staff of the hospital presented me with his estimated bill that first night. It was bad enough that he was so ill- but now the stress of a hu

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