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I have two 4 yr. old Pit-mix girls, Hapa and Koko. (Sisters) they're active and play hard. One day while playing, Hapa suddenly stopped and limped over to me in obvious pain. I thought "Oh No!" I figured it was a cruciate injury because I had just gone through double TPLO surgeries for both of Koko's back legs.(just made 1 yr.) I took her in and her X-rays proved me right. After Koko's surgeries, which added up to around $10,000 at least, I looked into insurance for them. I found the good reviews and reasonable prices of Healthy Paws to be worth my investment. My husband wasn't so keen at the time, but boy is he sure happy now!
There was a bit of confusion and frustration on my part at first. I'd never filed a claim in my life, let alone for my dog. Being the first claim, Healthy Paws needed Hapa's complete medical records. There was a bit of back and forth with the vet. They said they faxed everything and I'd get an email from Healthy Paws saying the records were incomplete. After the second and third notice and seeing the vet records in person saying they were faxed and faxed again. I'd call Healthy Paws and because of the time difference here in Hawai'i, the person would take a message. But then when they'd try to call during their business hours, I'd be at work and couldn't take the call. (My husband and I rappel off of waterfalls) I'm thankful for Healthy Paws persistence, because eventually everyone connected and the records were received and the claim was being pro

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Cruciate injury
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Over $1000

Pit Bull

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1 - 8

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