Healthy Paws has been simply amazing for us.

Out of 10

When we first decided to get pet insurance, I did lots and lots of research. I was so wary about all of the companies I was looking at. The ones with the best payouts had not so great reviews. I came across Healthy Paws when I was looking through my AAA magazine, and was very pleased with all the positive customer service reviews I saw.
Almost 2 years later, I want to add to those positive reviews. From the beginning they have been amazing. The spring following our sign up with Healthy Paws, Seamus began showing symptoms of allergies. He had to be tested, diagnosed, and put on a daily serum. None of this was any problem whatsoever. Every claim was processed and mailed out within 48 hours. There was never any surprises either.

My latest experience is what really made me want to share my experience with Healthy Paws. About a week and a half ago Seamus began throwing up. At first it seemed like an upset stomach, but two days later he was in surgery. He had a piece of a toy stuck in his intestines that needed to be removed. He came home the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. That was when I used the Healthy Paws App to take a picture of the invoice and file my claim. Within an hour, I received an email that the claim was being processed. Tuesday, the check was in the mail. From what I've heard of other insurance companies, even if it wasn't a holiday weekend this turnaround time was fabulous. Everything was covered. They even sent an email sending Seamus well

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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