Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Out of 10

My little "Puffy" had a horrible bout of Pancreatitis that left me feeling nervous about whatever the outcome would be.
I asked the vet that Saturday morning when she was diagnosed and in a terrible state. "What I should do?"

She stated "Get in the car and take her to the Emergency Center" which is exactly what I did. After presenting my credit card to whatever register needed/requested it, she was soon on the road to recovery.

It definitely took time. 2 weeks and many other visits later, Puffy is back to her normal, happy self and I couldn't be more grateful.

It was expensive as Puffy was on fluids and medication but I kept saying to myself "If Trupanion covers 60% then they are worth every penny." Puffy was out of pain and on to recovery.

Trupanion covered closer to 90 percent of the items they said they would and now that Puffy is back to where she should be, Trupanion is more than worth every penny. You are my heros! Thank you for the bottom of my heart!

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Chinese Crested Dog

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