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Our beautiful English Cream Golden Retriever never ceases to amaze my husband and I. My husband thought that his therapeutic magnet was safe on his bedside table until we noticed shiney pieces of gold foil paper on the carpet. We knew immediately that this foil was the coating on his magnet and frantically searched for the quarter-sized flat magnet it had covered. Our search was in vain and we realized that Jessie must have chewed and swallowed it.A call to our Vet, an x-ray that showed a chunk of something
glowing in her stomach followed by an unsuccessful endoscopy prompted the need for a Gastrotomy before these magnetic pieces passed into the bowel and started to attract each other and perforate Jessie's intestines. Who would have thought it !
Fortunately, Jessie's recovery has been uneventful.
And more fortunately for us, we have had Petplan insurance since Jessie was 4 months old.
Our Veternarian had suggested that we get insurance for her and now I know why.
After researching many Pet insurance plans, I recognized that Petplan offered us the best value. On top of the best value, Petplan also provides Happiness managers who are available for all policy holders and provide excellent customer service.
This was our second claim for Jessie. Her first claim involved a reaction she had to her routine immunization shots causing an elevation of her Lymphocytes.
Petplan was there to cover almost all of both claims! We have the Silver Plan and are thankful we do.

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Ingestion of Foreign Object
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Golden Retriever

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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