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I've had VPI for decades, but plan to switch, now that I've done research on plans offered by other companies. Simply because of his age, I had the Superior plan for my older dog, who had to be euthanized in January at age 14 (he had brain cancer). I currently have the regular plan for my 6-year-old "pound puppy" but want increased coverage for her too, even though she's healthy. In doing research, however, I've found that other companies reimburse more, for more conditions, and some provide better coverage at cheaper monthly premiums. My older dog's cancer diagnosis, including a $3,000 MRI and related expenses, could have been reimbursed at a better rate for what I paid in premiums for him alone. For both dogs, no coverage for dental work; only anesthesia. To be fair, I realize that it depends on which plan you opt for at ANY company, and how much you want to spend on deductibles and premiums, but I just don't think I'm getting the best deal at VPI. Claims processing take too long and checks are delayed as well. The employees are pretty nice on the phone, but "nice" doesn't put the money back in my account. I'm glad I have other choices. (When I told the VPI representative on the phone that I planned to switch, she acted like she couldn't have cared less).

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