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Our 3.5 year old schnauzer mix, Max, developed a lump in the corner of his eye a few weeks ago. We immediately brought him to the vet, did a round of antibiotics, and got a quote for a lumpectomy and biopsy in the event that the antibiotics didn't clear everything up (claim 1). Unfortunately, the lump didn't clear up, so we started pro-op blood testing and scheduled the lumpectomy (claim 2 & 3). Especially since HealthyPaws developed their app, our claims experience could not have been simpler. We literally logged into the app, snapped a photo of our itemized bill for each visit and waited to hear from them. After the second claim when through, we received word from a customer service rep, Sabrina (who was fantastic), that they needed Max's medical records. She said we could email her the medical records and anything else related to Max's illness, and she would handle everything from there on out. We submitted Max's records and our last claim (3 in just 3 weeks) the night of Max's surgery, and by the next day were told that our check for 90% of the cost of his procedure was in the mail. With a $50 deductible, and over $800 in vet costs in just 3 weeks, we were seriously relieved! My fiance and I first bought pet insurance because of experiences our friends and family had where high emergency medical costs were sometimes life or death questions for young, otherwise healthy pets. We never wanted to be in that situation, so we did our research and found HealthyPaws. We couldn't be happier with their service and coverage, and have never looked back.

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Skin problem

Lumpectomy - waiting on results
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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