Bilateral Entropion

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My English Bulldog required bilateral entropion. For those that do not know what that is, it is simply the surgical procedure that removes skin around the eyes due to inward folding eyelids. This condition caused my dog constant eye irritation and more importantly, corneal ulcers. Thus, my dog endured the procedure which went well. However, the aftermath was quite scary. My dog didn't recover well and required multiple doctor visits afterward. Her appetite disappeared and she was completely lethargic and expelled no energy. She coughed and was wheezy and she had diarrhea. Her eyes were completely fine though. After three more vet visits, blood tests, and full x-rays, she was diagnosed with suspected pneumonia as a result her breed type. We incurred A LOT more costs than expected. Luckily we have TRUPANION insurance and they covered the surgery and all post-operative complications so far including the full blood tests, x-rays, and medication. I am extremely pleased that Trupanion considered all her post-operative complications under the same deductible as the bilateral entropion. I have full faith in Trupanion as a fair and compassionate pet insurance that recognizes the financial burdens that pet owners face. I would definitely recommend Trupanion insurance, especially if you have a breed that is high risk to many complications.

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