Cancer Diagnosis: What would you do?

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My Yorkie-Poo Rocky was 9 years old when he was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer in December of 2013. Many friends who are pet owners asked me why I would spend over $50 a month on pet insurance, and then when I told them Rocky had Cancer they asked me if I was going to put him down...
I told them, that thought never entered my mind & I posed this question in reply. Would you put your human child down if they were diagnosed with Cancer? The answer was no of course. That is why I have pet insurance with the ASPCA.

Rocky's Cancer was detected early enough by my wife and I through our discovery of a large lump in his throat, so that surgery was possible. We have a great Vet and through routine check-ups the tumor was confirmed & diagnosed. He has surgery by a specialist on December 26th, 2013 and they removed the entire tumor and half of his thyroid. Because of early detection, he will not need any chemo or radiation, nor will he need to be on any thyroid medicine.

If I had a human child, I would have done the same as I did for my Dog. I would have health insurance for a child, and I would have the surgery to save their life. The only difference is that with the ASPCA Pet Insurance, it's actually easier to file a claim than with Human Health Insurance, because there is no middle-man to deal with.

I would have spent around $7,000.00 on Rocky's pre-op tests and the actual surgery without pet insurance. I received 90% reimbursement within 4 weeks of the actual surgery.

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Yorkshire Terrier

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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