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Siren initially showed up with Lyme disease around Christmas and was treated. However she continued with lameness and severe pain. I couldn't get her off Rimadyl. The vet raised concerns regarding herniated disc as Siren had some positive changes in her ortho/neuro exam. So we had a concurrent problem along with the Lyme.Siren does competition and jumps, she is highly trained and has special ways to move her hind in pivots. If you handle her enough she will concede and will maintain a position if you do it often enough. So I believe she left her foot turned over in the exam because she understood we must have wanted it there. An MRI was suggested but I had to follow my gut and just do xrays. I knew Healthy Paws policy and felt very comforted in letting the doctor look at her spine and joints which concerned her. We found mild arthritis but that was not the cause of pain. Now I could try something I thought would work.
Since I had x-rays showing me her situation, I decided to take her to a chiropractor and in 6 visits Siren is off Rimadyl and ready to compete again. Because I had Healty Paws I knew I could take care of the closest friend I own. The relationship between a highly trained dog and it's owner is deep. Thanks again!

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PAIN joint dysfunction
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German Shepherd

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1 - 8

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