Terrible, suspicious vets, really??

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I have a cat adopted from the Pet Smart and strongly recommended to get this insurance, not knowing so much about a cat then, joined paid over three years until.. My cat got infected by flea, for whole THREE TIMES of VET VISITS, I was told there is no flea, just a TRACE(???) I didn't know anything about flea, didn't realize The TRACE meant feces of fleas. If you ever experienced the flea infection at home, you'll know the sooner the easier to stop or minimize all the health damages the flea infection unfolds right into your pets and family. Three denials on flea infection last summer, over the eight months, we have suffered it is quite under control, costing us over $1000 on chemicals, time and consuming effort to combat the flea infection...you just get mad, and left with other disease originating from the flea bites. I am seeing my doctor for weird symptom I started to get these days and did my homework on the med-websites, in trying to rule out suspected diseases. However, Banfield wellness plan(Louisville, KY) claimed that we owe more than 40% of the yearly principle if we are to quit it, asking to pay the amount or keep it on monthly automatic charge for the rest of 11 months. Boala!! That's convenient way to making customers stay, huh?? The plan might have been good with a real vets.

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flea outbreak
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Domestic Shorthair

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