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We got the plan for our puppy got the shots and spay. They then renewed my plan the next year with out asking. I was told i could not cancel it so we kept it going and i upped her to the dental as well. My dog needed a hook removed from her leg in July we were on vacation so i called and asked if it would be covered, i was told yes bring her in. We drove over an hour for the service and then received a $400 bill. I was told it would be covered and it was not, now i have to finish the plan up til June and pay $400. This insurance is a scam. STAY AWAY!!

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hook removal
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Australian Cattle Dog

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 09/12/2014

The contract clearly states you are receiving "preventative" healthcare. If your pet gets hurt, you will be responsible for treatment but the office visit is covered and you will get a discount. Did you read the contract? How is your dog now? Did they treat his emergency medical need? Maybe you should send them a thank you card for treating him. Sheesh, why can't people read the contract?

Posted: 09/13/2014

I looked at my contract after reading your comment. The contract clearly states you have to call before the end of your contract and, to ensure continuation of care, your contract will automatically renew if they have not heard differently. I put things like this on my calendar to remind me if I think I might want to cancel services from companies.