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I've been with PetPlan since 2008 when I first got my kitty. He is an exotic breed so I wanted to make sure he was covered, also he's the love. of. my. life. Since then he's had two surgeries (mast cell tumors), a two night ER stay (for vomiting and bloody diarrhea) and countless vet visits over the years. Most recently his ER bill alone was over $4300! Thank goodness I got 100% coverage because after $5K in total vet bills this month, literally all I paid out of pocket was the $50 deductible (and of course the annual premium). My annual premium has been raised twice in the last two years which I don't love but they also increased his yearly allowance so that was actually a relief when I saw his bills were nearing the cap.
I'm always weary of insurance companies just because but so far so good. Thanks PetPlan and please continue putting the customer first, Wilbur and I are greatly appreciative. Big thank you to Heather Tuck for expediting our claim, checking-up on Wilbur and making sure we received every dollar.

Would love to see routine care/vaccinations/Rx/Rx food covered in the future. Wilbur is now on a hypoallergenic diet which costs $60 per alb bag and $3/can. If Rx were covered I'd give them a 10!

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