No Other Insurance Can Even Come Close

Out of 10

To anyone inquiring to get pet insurance, do not even think twice about Healthy Paws. I have had other insurance and ran into problems with reimbursement due to their little fine print most people look over. Healthy Paws is up front, simple and amazing. I have all my four dogs insured and two out of the four have chronic ongoing illnesses and constant vet visits. Healthy Paws had covered every single incident no questions asked as well as their prescriptions which two of my dogs have to take for the rest of their lives now. For example, one is on seizure meds, normally would cost me $141.00 per month, I pay $14.10 per month. Thank God for this insurance company as my pup could live another 2-4 years. Healthy Paws all the way! Only one I will recommend!

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Heart - Liver - Pancreas - Epilepsy
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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