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Unfortunately our three year old Shepherd/Husky mix has had a run of bad luck lately. First he ate an entire bottle of his joint supplement, then he found (and ate) an entire tray of brownies, then he slipped and fell on the ice, after that he developed pneumonia, and just to top it all off he got a cyst on his shoulder. All of this was within a six month period.
I don't know what we would have done without Healthy Paws. It is almost indescribable how easy they make things. In each instance above we paid the vet and then were able to submit all claims via email by simply scanning the forms and receipts. I would receive an email confirmation when they got the paperwork and another when the claim was processed. SO EASY. I know they can't guarantee all their claims this fast, but most of them were same day!

I tell everyone I know with a pet that they need to sign up with Healthy Paws. You can run the numbers all you want on this company or that company or this percentage or that, but the bottom line is that when you get into a tough spot where you have lots of vet bills in a short amount of time having these guys on your side makes all the difference. The last thing you want on top of a sick/injured animal is having to fight for coverage.

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1 - 8

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