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There were three things that were fundamental for me when looking for a dog insurance. First the monthly fee and deductible policy. Secondly the coverage, and third the customer satisfaction that implied the companies achievement of first two numerals. The monthly payments were a big deal for me, as I’m a student and I don’t have a high income. And comparing just by prices, Healthy paws was the most affordable option; in the many coverage, monthly fee and deductible combinations. In terms of coverage, healthy paw still seemed to have one of the most complete coverage if not the best. And I dedicatedly read many reviews and a high percentage of healthy paws customers’ seemed very satisfied.
So I enrolled my healthy puppy with healthy paws. On my first month enrolled she started limping intermittently, and she was sadly diagnosed with elbow dysplasia. When I was at the vet's office I was very worried because apart of the bad news, I thought I had read some kind of waiting period for dysplasia diseases. Then I read my policy again and the waiting period was only for hip dysplasia, which meant her treatment would be covered. This was a big relief for me so I decided to proceed with her treatment. The Claim process has been extremely efficient and straightforward; it takes less than a week to receive a check in the mail. I cannot recommend them enough, I feel extremely lucky to be able to afford any of my dog medical needs and not let money take part on important decisions.

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elbow dysplasia
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Over $1000

Golden Retriever

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Under a year

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