"Cold calls" just to check in on my dying boy.

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The love of my life, my male black lab, Raven (13.5 yrs, blind due to retinal degeneration, "old dog vestibular" imbalance, Stage II Mast Cell tumor removal,and Canine Cognitive Dysfunction/"Doggie Alzheimer's"). All of this except blindness within the past 6 months. With all the stress of moving from KY to NC and changing vets to finally now having one that does hospice and house calls, ASPCA has not only worked with me on claim submission and called when they haven't seen a claim for a while, but they have called twice just to ask how Raven is, how I am, etc. They are genuine - as are the dogs I hear in the background that the employees bring to work with them; love that. It's almost impossible to insure a dog over 10 years. ASPCA insured Raven at the highest level of coverage available at a very reasonable cost. My submissions last week to them (inc. imaging at UT) was over $3,000. The woman on the phone didn't comment on my waiting to submit so many at once except to say that if there was any way ASPCA could help as I deal with the knowledge that my baby is dying, don't hesitate to say so. As a nurse, it was rare that I saw people treated this well - and definitely not from our health insurance or the hospital business office. Raven's 7-yr-old sister Emily (yellow lab with ITP) is also insured with ASPCA. What I have written still doesn't describe the depths of my gratitude for them. I've had other insurances and they have been nightmares. ASPCA is a dream com

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