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I reinstated my membership yesterday for $17, bought a one year membership $153. When I got home from the vet, I just realized I do not need the one year membership as we have to put our dog out in the very near future. So I called and talked to Wanda to get a refund, she said I can cancel the membership for $30, but will not give me any refund!! Imagine that! she wants me to pay an additional $30, and they don't have to refund me anything!! I told her I was not in my right mind yesterday and that I was an emotional wreck as I was dealing with my ailing dog. I didn't want to argue with her, so I asked to talk to someone else. After putting me on hold for a few minutes, she came back and said management is out, and that someone will call me. An hour later she called me and said she can refund me $86.74. You do the math!!! I say it is a good discount program if you take your dog to the vet several times a year, otherwise the savings is not worth it!

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Posted: 10/07/2014

I understand that you are hurting because you had to put your dog down,and I am sorry for your however I have had this insurance for a few years, and I have saved more in one visit than I paid all year. Please do not take your pain out on others. I have a Lhasa as well even if you took the dog to the vet had xray and blood drawn you still came out ahead. I had a cat who got sick and I did not have insurance in three days I spent 2250 and we still put her to sleep.This is not helpful.