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I realize that PetPlan has great reviews, however having signed up today I will be cancelling today. I would rate myself as being very thorough when researching new products and services for myself and my family, unfortunately sometimes the information is not as upfront as you would hope.I selected the gold plan with a $100 deductible, and 100% payment, when I started to review the policy documents I discovered that any veterinary specialist care was only covered to 80 % ... what? How could I miss that?

I would bet that all of us searching for pet insurance are mainly concerned about the extreme situations that we hope will never happen and in those cases I would bet that the majority of those cases will be by a specialist!

I went back to the website to search high and low for the appropriate information and I did find it so I only have myself to blame. I do feel though that this information should be just as upfront as the fact of deductibles and co-payments.

PetPlan, please make this information readily available!

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Posted: 03/26/2015

I disagree with the comment! When I signed up a year ago, I had to really grill the sales reps, and call several times,to get through their chirpy superficial sales explanations. It was only after a lot of study that I found out about the 80% specialist coverage. The next time I talked to a sales rep I waited to hear if they would mention that, but they did not. Then I brought it up with them and they agreed it wasn't a good deal to get 100% coverage, that 80% coverage was the one they would choose. I am probably quitting PetPlan now because they raised my premium 33% after just one year, on a three-year-old dog.

Posted: 08/07/2014

You said you only had yourself to blame yet you gave the company only a 5 rating when you should have given the company a 10 rating and "yourself" a five rating for not reading before signing up.