If not for Pet Plan we would not have Chase

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I dont know where to start. Almost two years ago our 2 year old maltese Chase kept sneezing, dragging his nose on the ground and choking. We had no idea and for 3 months went from doctor to doctor looking for the cause, medicine after medicine no help. Then New Years Eve he started having breathing attacks so as soon as we could we got him in with Dr Sadanaga in Malvern PA. He found a tiny seed from long grassy plants was lodged in his nose. His nose was so tiny he had to go in through the roof of his mouth. It was removed but 8 weeks later no help. We went back here he had another seed further up with hair wrapped around it. He went in again removed that and about $8000.00 later we thought we were finished. About 4 weeks later his breathing was compromised again so we went to the Univ of Penn. They went in cleared the breathing passage and another 3-4000 later we hoped we were finished. Since then we have been back and forth many times and every single time Pet Plan has paid exactly what they said they would pay. Every time I call the people are so nice. I tell everyone about them and I carry brochures in my car giving them out to everyone I come in contact with who has a dog or cat without insurance.
Chase has had his moments even in the past month or so but they have been such a help its unbelievable.
If you truly love your pet buying Pet Plan Insurance is the best thing you can do for yourself because you never know what tiny little things can cause so

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seed lodged in nasal passage
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Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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