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When my husband and I were looking for pet insurance, we were daunted by the lists of "covered" and "not covered" illnesses and injuries. It felt like you had to decide what your dog was going to get sick with and choose a company that covered those things. My sister went with VPI, and I went with Healthy Paws. Her reason was that VPI covers dental cleanings and shots...but that's about all the cover. Healthy Paws allows you to choose your percentage of coverage, and literally everything is covered at that level. Any person considering a pet should expect to pay for the routine things (shots, dental cleanings, etc.). But it's those things you can't expect (or even the fact that you CAN expect that your pet will grow old and they will become more expensive as they age) that Healthy Paws is amazing for. We've had to take our otherwise entirely healthy Great Dane in for surgery twice. Healthy Paws has processed our claims quickly and has always covered 90% of everything Sheba has encountered. Our dog recently survived a condition known as a mesenteric volvulis. This is where the intestines wind themselves (both large and small) around one another and around the dog's blood supply, cutting off blood flow. Our vet didn't see this type of torsion on the X-Ray and said if she had, she'd have recommended euthanizing Sheba because dogs don't survive this. Now, any other health insurance company wouldn't cover this because dogs just don't survive it. There's a less than 1% chance of su

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Bloat/Mesenteric Volvulis
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Great Dane

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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