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I have had Petplan for nearly 5 years. I have two dogs covered, one is 5, the other 4. I expect annual rate increases with any insurance company, but my rates just went up 33% for my oldest dog & 29% for the youngest. I called and was told that rates go up depending on age of dog, breed, and vet fee increases. Honestly, as much as I love this company, when you consider the $200 per incident deductible, it is no longer a bargain. I will not be renewing, I am going to give healthy paws a shot, the rates are now nearly the same, the deductible is annual and there is no per incident limit. Healthy paws told me that their rate increases are only based on increases in vet fees, not the other two criteria cited by petplan. I wish petplan would take another look at these increases, I don't think it is going to benefit them in the long run. In spite of this I still recommend the company their claims handling is superb and they have never fought me over a claim, I'm just disappointed by this rate increase

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