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3 years ago our dog had begun to lick and chew on her tail. We eventually had to have it amputated. This claim was covered by ASPCA. It took several months to receive a check. The claim was $950 and ASPCA gave us $400 back- not so bad. After her surgery she healed and was fine for over a year. 2 year later she began to chew on the tail again. We battled with this second issue for over a year. The doctors didn't want to amputate it again and instead kept prescribing medicines to help with nerve pain. Our dog finally became so fixated on her tail at one point that we took her to the ER vet and they proceeded with amputating her tail a second time. Our claim ended up reaching over $4000 for the year+ that we spent taking our dog to the vet and for the surgery.
ASPCA looked at the claim as a pre-existing condition and denied the claim. In their policy they state that 180 days constitutes as a waiting period in between injuries, however, they kept suggesting that our dog was never "cured and clear" of the injury. They hold all of our medical records directly from the doctor that show no indication of our dog being seen for anything other then a regular check up.
I put in an appeal for the claim and received a letter with new excuses for denial. One, being that the claim was not submitted in a reasonable amount of time since the start of the incident. If we were battling the incident for over a year, then what do they expect? We submitted the claim immediately

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Skin problem

Claim Amount
Over $1000

Labrador Mix

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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