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I have been paying for this plan for two years. I decided to discontinue the plan (since I finally did the math and realized I can go to a private vet and the cost, although not spread out over the year, is less), but since I had dental coverage, I decided to have the dogs teeth cleaned before the cancellation date. Just received a call that there are markers in the blood work indicating a potential problem with his liver, not likely, but possible. They won't proceed without further testing: $69 (if there is a problem, there will be weeks of one med and weeks of another, then further testing, none of it covered, still no teeth cleaning due to liver issue). So, the dog is 9, never had his teeth cleaned, decided to just not do it. Since the blood work which has been completed is not going to apply to the teeth cleaning process, it is NOT covered. Guess what: $132 for the blood work. In the end, in order to retrieve our dog, it will cost either $69, or $131 and there is no guarantee the teeth cleaning will be done, depending what they find. I am guessing they will find an issue that could cost me a fortune in meds (of course not covered). I am skeptical there is any problem at all. I agree with the previous review, the plan is a total rip off.

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Posted: 03/21/2014

I know that dogs cannot be sedated safely when they have high liver values. So they are just saving your dog's life. The costs I have paid through a vet were very high. I hope you feel better about the plan now. I'm getting ready to buy it for my new doggie.

Posted: 11/16/2014

Banfield says that often, just to squeeze more money out of customers. Some of the pet nurses admit that most of the testing does not ever get done. They lie. I would find a independent vet and have the blood work done. I would not trust Banfield.