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I'd been covering my two cats with another popular pet insurance product. The other company really made my angry one day (and not for the first time) when they refused to expand and offer cancer coverage to one of my cats even though Willow was under the cut off age for their cancer rider. I was ready to pay extra, but they wouldn't take my money.
This is what lead me to change her over to Embrace. The older cat is still on the old plan because he's old. But it gives me a good chance to compare the two plans.

So far, the reimbursement for a Wellness visit is about $30 more than I get from the other plan. The customer service has been great. Very proactive and friendly. I feel very pleased about my choice, so far. I'm paying a little more per month for Embrace, but I would have had to do that if I'd been able to get the cancer rider.

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Wellness/rabies shot
Claim Amount
Under $100

American Longhair

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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