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When Mr. Utley - my Golden was a puppy I debated whether or not to get insurance. After doing a great deal of research, comparing the different companies that offered insurance, I decided to go with Embrace - based on all of the favorable reviews I had read about them.
Over the last five years, I've been lucky enough to never have really needed the insurance - only had a couple of sore pad issues. I used to kid that my dog has better health insurance than me and people told me I was crazy to spend the money. But I knew that there was no price tag you can put on piece of mind - knowing that, if God forbid something bad happened to my guy, I would never have to decide on the future of my dog's health based on a cost analysis.

Mr. Utley was just diagnosed with cancer and as difficult as it was to hear the diagnosis, the one thing I didn't have to think about was how could I afford to help him. When sitting with the oncologist discussing his treatment options, it was reassuring to know that I could afford to give him the best care available because I have GREAT insurance. We have just started his treatments and Embrace has made dealing with this illness as bearable as possible. I don't have to worry about the financial aspect and can just focus on making my guy better.

Every time I meet someone who just bought a puppy I urge them to get Embrace Insurance. Like I said in my title, it was the best decision I ever made.

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Golden Retriever

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