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During a routine physical exam, our veterinarian discovered a tissue mass on our dog's spleen and feared the worst. After some preliminary diagnostics, he recommended that the spleen be removed immediately because of the risks associated with a life-threatening internal hemorrhage and the very grim possibility that the mass might be a malignant hemangiosarcoma, an incurable form of cancer, which can only be reliably diagnosed if the entire spleen is sent to a lab. Our dog tolerated the surgery well, and after the stitches removed two weeks later, he was his happy and rambunctious self again. Most importantly, the tissue mass was revealed to be a benign hematoma, for which we are most grateful.
Since our dog was a puppy, we had subscribed to the Pet Partners policy offered through the AKC, but when he reached the age of ten, Pet Partners advised us that because of his age, only accidents would be covered going forward. After some research, we found Healthy Paws Pet Insurance, and are very glad we did. Everything but the vet exams was covered, our deductible is low, our claims were settled promptly, customer service personnel are efficient and compassionate, the Healthy Paws Foundation does important work on behalf of dogs less fortunate than ours, and the monthly payment is significantly less than Pet Partners used to charge for more limited plan benefits and a lower reimbursement rate. Many thanks Healthy Paws!

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splenetic hematoma
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