Bad Knees

Out of 10

When our pup was a year old he was run over by a bike! I had purchased Healthy Paws after studying every insurance co. I could find. Took me all night! But I was so right in choosing Healthy Paws! Hardly any paperwork, after the initial waiting period, this happened. First surgery was done by a board certified vet we asked for! Two days after surgery we sent in bills. One week later we got back an $1800 check! We paid a total of $200 total! Six months later other knee went out! Same thing! $2000 bill, week later $1800 check! It was so easy and so fast and everyone is so kind! I tell everyone about Healthy Paws. I've never tried any other ins. But I know I've found the best for our pup!

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Bad knees. First one, then the next one!
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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