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My previous Cairn Terrier died of cancer which cost me $5000 dollars for surgery and follow up care. Needless to say it was a financial hardship but she was part of the family. We adopted another A Cairn Terrier which came with a clean bill of health. After our experience with Romy I opted for pet insurance. Pet Plan came highly recommended so I enrolled our adopted Cairn along with our 3 year Cairn. Our 3 year old Cairn has been healthy for the most part but the adopted dog started drinking excessive amounts of water. After taking her ito the vet it was discovered she had a liver ailment and a spleen with a hematoma tumor. Long story short my cost ran up to $7000 dollars. If not for Pet Plan it would have been very stressful with a sick dog and the huge expenses of treatment. At some point I thought our adopted dog was going to have to be euthanized as she got sicker. A tip to dog owners with dogs with liver ailment is a home made diet consisting of white fish (ie tilapia, cod), broccoli, string beans, sweet potatoes and potatoes. I supplement the food with white thistle, kale, bone meal and anchovy oil. Our dog rebounded after 2 days and now she is a healthy and happy dog. This whole process took about 3 months and every vet visit was expensive. Pet plan costs are reasonable and when you factor what vet visits cost it is a down right bargain. Thank you so much Pet Plan!

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