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I have a Siberian Husky puppy named Mal, like Malcolm. I came home one day to a puppy who was very much ill. He seemed dizzy and disoriented. Watching him constantly throw himself in the snow and trip over himself was nerve wracking to say the least. Although he's all better now, the vets never were able to determine what the problem was. I felt super helpless. Having to deal with the fact that Mal was about to undergo all sorts of tests and exams on top of spending his first nights away from home was super difficult. How was I supposed to deal with billing departments, faxes, emails, multiple invoices and insurance companies???
So I call Healthy Paws. The first thing I noticed was how extremely helpful and friendly the entire staff behaved with me. They always asked how Mal was doing. And I know that you'd expect that sort of thing, but never once did it feel like small talk. They treated me and Mal like part of a family. I never once felt like a customer or number and everything about the entire process was super easy and friendly.

Seeing as how it was our first claim, I was told it would take a little longer than normal to process everything. I was thinking it would take a couple of weeks of back and forth and then maybe another couple of days for the reimbursement to process. It took a week. That's it. Here I was, worried about moving money around and upcoming bills and it all only took about a week. And everything was handled by our family vet and Healthy Paws. A

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Siberian Huskey

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