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Our beloved Vizsla was recently diagnosed with the ailment I feel most pet lovers dread the most: cancer (in her case, a mast cell tumor). It was particularly devastating because 3 years ago, we lost our Weimaraner to an aggressive form of the same cancer. In his case, a different insurance company did nothing but argue with us over every detail, leaving us with over $7K in uncovered bills. When we re-homed our Vizsla, we were armed with all the facts to help prevent this disease. Unfortunately, we had no control over her previous owner's antiquated approach to "good health" which included massive over-vaccination and a poor quality commercial kibble. Besides, these breeds are pre-disposed to mast cell, and no one really knows the root cause. With Healthy Paws, we were able to take her to a top veterinary oncologist, and to follow up with an outstanding surgeon. Throughout this ordeal, we at least had the peace of mind knowing we could give her the best care without undue financial burden. True to their word, Healthy Paws reimbursed us 90% of the costs in a timely fashion. Any time I called to inquire about claim status, they were friendly and efficient, and helped us to get our thousands of dollars in reimbursement quickly. They even sent an email asking us how she was doing. We got lucky this time...our girl's cancer did not metastasize, and her oncologist feels she will live out her normal lifespan. Given our previous experience with another insurer, I have only rave revi

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