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Over the last several years we've had three senior adopted beagles. Sadly, our first, Lulu passed on after a cancer diagnosis that we opted not to treat aggressively as she was terminal. She spent her last weeks at home under the watchful eye of our veterinarian. ASPCA insurance covered a fair amount of the diagnostic and end of life costs. Our other beagle, Lili is also a senior citizen and suddenly last year could no longer hold up her head. After a week of daily vet visits she was found to have a slipped disc and within an hour of being administered steroids she was back to her old self! Once again, insurance covered a good share of those costs. Then, a couple of months ago our third beagle, Zoe suddenly stopped eating. She ended up in the hospital for a week and had to have her gall bladder removed. ASPCA insurance paid the max per single incident for that event.For my husband and me let insurance makes sense. It is not cheap, but it has proven worthwhile for each of our three dogs.

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