The BEST Pet Insurance Period!

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After 3 months of intensive research, I selected Healthy Paws insurance and purchased their BEST plan for my Savanna Pup. Just this year we have had 4 claims, the latest being this week with a Bladder stone the size of a QUARTER being surgically removed from my 40 pound sweet Girl. This was a Life SAVING procedure! A few years ago, my Dog Jasper needed surgery that would have cost in the thousands and at that time...I could not afford this. I lost Jasper within a week! When I found out Savanna needed this immediate surgery, I did not even have to ask the cost! All because I have Healthy Paws Insurance, I cannot believe I have not had their insurance for many years! Their claim review and turn-around time is OUTSTANDING! For me, less than 4 days on each occurrence! The Staff is so caring and excellent, they even emailed me prayers and best-wishes pre-surgery! PLEASE...if you love your Pet and wish for them to be healthy and happy and with you for years...choose Healthy Paws. I only have one request, I wish Healthy Paws would take over our National Health could call it "Healthy-People". Thank you Healthy Paws!

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Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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