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I insured my beloved cat Bonny at age 8, primarily to cover a catastrophic illness. There was nothing I would not do for this cat and I did not want finances to get in the way of providing her with the medical treatment available if ever needed.At age 13 now, she has been diagnosed with large cell Lymphona. As you may imagine, the cost for testing, early care, and ongoing care is significant - but, the reason for having an insurance Plan. Bonny is now through the worst and receiving mild treatments approximately once per month. As her condition settled, I then submitted a large claim for all treatment to date, and honestly expecting a push back or at least some hassle from PetPlan. I can only reason that these negative expectations were due to a life long exposure to stories of consumers struggleing with their insurance companies. I have no personal experience with difficult insurance companies and certainly none to this point with PetPlan. To my pleasant surprise, this has been to date, a No Hassle experience. The Vets involved submitted the claims and PetPlan has paid according to their policy terms. And continues to honor claims submitted for this ongoing illness.
With all the emotions associated with Bonny's condition and ongoing treatments, it has been a blessing to have this process work so smoothly.

I cannot advise anyone on making decisions regarding Pet Insurance. That is a personal decision based on their relationship with pet and their financial c

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Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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