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Recently, my 15 month old English Bulldog was rushed to the emergency vet for acting "off". It turns out he was getting ready to have a cluster of seizures. Overall he had around a dozen seizures. He stayed overnight in the emergency vet and then was transferred to the specialist to see a neurologist. I spare nothing for my dog, he comes before everything, but knowing that I had healthy paws behind me gave me such a sense of comfort. We all know MRI's aren't cheap, and my dog also had to stay overnight at the specialist. Healthy Paws stands by their word. They cover everything that will diagnose, treat, and care for your dog. The only thing that they don't cover is the price to walk in the door at the vet (so whatever your vet charges to see them isn't covered.) but that's IT! And lets be honest, we can spare that, but paying a $5000 isn't easy. His MRI, medication, anesthesia, overnight care, fluids, blood testing, was covered. They are honest, and informative, kind and compassionate.

They are quick to process your claim and just as quick mailing your reimbursement check. I got mine within a week of when I sent it in. THAT'S BETTER THEN PEOPLE INSURANCE!!

I've had healthy paws since Augie was a puppy and every claim has been seamless. We all know bull dogs have issues, they aren't the healthiest of breeds, but they cover him with no issue.

I couldn't be happier with Healthy Paws and more comfortable with a company!

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