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Prior to attaining Trupanion, I had another pet insurance company that re-rated all of the cost when i visited the Vet. In the end, I received less than half of my initial claim. The Insurance company Rep said that they take all of the costs from Vets and adjust them according to their own stated prices minus my deductible. I was paying over $100.00 per month for two dogs and I couldn't believe it. I spoke to my Vet and they recommended Trupanion.
Several months after switching pet insurance companies, my dog had been dx with diabetes and Trupanion has assisted with the financial burden without re-rating Vet cost. I paid my $100.00 deductible once and they paid 90% without adjusting the Vet cost. Without Trupanion, I am certain that i would not have been able to afford his care for life.

Took a week or two for my dog's medical information to be processed, however, now i just take a claim form to my Vet who faxes it to the Trupanion. Within two days, my claim is processed and i am reimbursed right into my checking account.

Without Trupanion, I do not know if i would be able to afford my dog's diabetes treatment for life. I am very thankful for their help!

Their customer service is also excellent too!

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Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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